Pambili Media as a creative agency of stories, has conceptualized and embarked upon a conglomeration of narratives. Our inaugural era was defined by The Legends of Freedom Series, which included the multiple award winning KALUSHI:THE STORY OF MAHLANGU (2016) and the similarly lauded action thriller Netflix’s SILVERTON SIEGE (2022).The next phase will see an expansion of mediums, cinematic worlds, and storytelling tenets, beginning with YASUKE VOL I: WAY OF THE BUTTERFLY.The vision has consistently been to nourish the youth of its indigenous background and celebrate the victories the people of the soil have accomplished. Impactful entertainment that centres audiences needing definitive, empowering represensation.We take on the honour of advancing Africa’s Heritage and Cultural History through seminal & meainingful media.



Globally the demand for content from Africa is increasing. Audiences worldwide want to know more about the myriad number of untold stories. The appetite for new generated content from the Diaspora provides the opportunity to refashion the global perspective of Africa in a fresh new lens in various formats. Pambili Media’s seizes the opportunity with film and television, as well as tackling emerging online digital media. Therefore opening opportunities toward economic growth and intentionally relying on young talents so as to benefit from their ideas while empowering the minds of the future. Importantly, Pambili Media wishes to make heritage more commercially viable, and accessible to audiences, capitalisg off of a momentum that can be attributed to recent films such as Ryan Coogler & Marvel’s Black Panther. Presently African heritage has not taken advantage of its rich potential by African themselves. Inadvertently, this makes market entry points for broadcasting African content incongruent. Pambili Media has already begun partnering with NETFLIX and other game changer to facilitate change. Africa is the next frontier. The entities in partnership have identified a gap in the market; namely, the need for African entertainment based heritage content, a practice that is scarcely interrogated and applied in South Africa.